It’s Not Absurdity but Hooks in the Jaws Causing the US to Give Iran Nukes

I feel as if I am in an alternate universe when I hear President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry speak about how good this deal is with Iran. Because as the administration sells this deal to us — Iran is openly declaring they want to wipe us off the face of the earth. They are declaring the same thing towards Israel, and they are openly hopping into bed with Russia. It is ludicrous. Then our congress walks the plank to our destruction as if they are hypnotized (or more likely blackmailed) by endorsing this deal. It is as if we are watching brainwashed zombies lead our nation.

It is absolutely mind boggling to watch and see in the same newscast John Kerry share how great a deal this is, and then the next clip being Iran’s parliament cheering, “Death to America.” Then before the newscast goes off the air there is a clip of Iran purchasing refueling planes from Russia so they can have a nonstop flight to the US to drop the bombs we are handing them.

I feel as if I am watching Dumb and Dumber, watching Lloyd sell Petie the dead bird to the blind kid. It is beyond ridiculous.

The word that keeps coming to my mind is absurd.

Giving a nation who hates us money and the opportunity to build a nuclear weapon is absolutely absurd, right? There is ZERO good that can come out of this for the United States and especially Israel.

But maybe it’s not absurd at all. Maybe it is hooks in the jaws of our leadership. Maybe it’s out of their control. In Ezekiel 38 & 39 we are given a detailed account of the future Battle of Armageddon. In Ezekiel 38:4, we are told that God would put metaphorical “hooks” in the mouths of the leadership of Turkey, possibly Russia, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and other nations to surround Israel to destroy it.

Revelation 16:13-14 is less metaphorical as it says evil spirits will come forth from the Antichrist to deceive all the nations to come surround Israel to destroy it.

So if God brings that war about by hooking leaders in the jaws then maybe he arms those armies by placing “hooks” in the jaws of leaders today.

That is the only way this Iran makes any sense to me — it’s not absurdity but rather hooks in the jaws.

But unfortunately because of this deal Persia (Iran) will be lead out to the fields of Megiddo with a nuclear arsenal bought and paid for by you and me. At that time the United States will not be able to rescue Israel or even decide to march against it because Persia (Iran) will have been so kind to reward our help by making our nation a radioactive wasteland.


Naw rather hooks in the jaw.