It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Prophecy in Jesus’ Day

There are many reasons given to not study prophecy. I hear them all — it is confusing, it’s complicated, we weren’t meant to know it, or there are more important things we should be concerned about. I do agree with that last one sharing the Gospel is more important, but it is important that we have a grasp on what Scripture says about the coming future.

Just think, wouldn’t it has been helpful if those on earth when Jesus was here in flesh knew more about the prophecies concerning Jesus? I think it would have been. Maybe they would have believed, they would have savored his short time with them, and theoretically maybe they wouldn’t have crucified him. At least the Jews would have been left out of causing the crucifixion. It would have been greatly helpful for their life then and for eternity.

And they can’t use the line that it wasn’t meant for them to know it.

It is estimated there are over three hundred and fifty prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament. If they knew only a few then they could have put it together. They could have realized what Peter proclaimed, “You are the Christ.”

One prophecy in Daniel 9 says that the Messiah would be “cut-off” 483 years after one of the decrees given in the return of Israel from Babylon. This alone should have put the Jews in the ballpark if they took prophecy to heart. They could have been looking earnestly at the time Jesus appeared.

Another was that He was to be preceded by one “preparing the way”. John the Baptist did this before there very eyes.

Of course another was that He would be born in Bethlehem. Why didn’t someone ask Him where He was born?

If the people of Jesus’ day knew prophecy then they could have been aware that He was the Messiah.

If we don’t know the warnings of His return then we too could be deceived.