Another Reminder that Prophecy is Important

I have felt lead to teach on prophecy and provide resources through, and I have backed off the past few weeks. But an image stopped me in my tracks this weekend. It is the picture above. It shows what looks like individuals and probably a family scrambling to climb a rock in the rain. The rock is no small rock, but rather one of the tallest mountains in the world.

About 4,000 years ago it would have been wise if people had paid attention to prophecy. We are not sure when the prophecies began, but at least some 600 years before the “event” Enoch powerfully warned that God was going to judge the world for their sin. Almost a thousand years before the “judgment event” Enoch would prophetically name his son “when he is dead it shall be sent” or who we know better as Methuselah.

So there may have been warnings a thousand years ahead.

There was definitely a warning given 120 years ahead of the prophecized “judgment event” as is recorded in Genesis 6.

Only one man was listening and following God on how to prepare.

Then at least 40 years before the “event” a visual warning was being constructed and its builder was preaching a warning. Still no one was listening.

God warned the world.

Prophesy provided the answers.

Yet only Noah and his family listened. They were prepared when the rain came and floods rose. They had paid attention to prophesy. They had listened. They survived.

The rest who ignored prophesy drown.

They were killed.

When the rain came and flood waters rose they headed for the mountains. They climbed as the water chased them. They reached the top and it was not high enough. Parents held their children above the water to rescue their children, but soon their arms proved to be too short. If parents really wanted to save their children then they should have headed prophecy. They should have paid attention. They would have been prepared. They would have survived.

A greater judgment is coming. We don’t know when, but prophesy helps us navigate through it.

I agree that what really matters is preaching Christ, but God gave us prophecy too. I am afraid at some point the future there will be deception and judgment events in which will cause those who once professed Christ to turn from that faith.

So we need Christ and we need to pay attention to the warnings He gave.

I’m back on task. Seeing the image of children on the mountain tops about to drown while billions had already done so shatters my heart. Let is shatter yours. Turn to Jesus and then pay attention to His prophesy.